Sunday, 11 August 2013

Running from girls

I enjoy running, crazy I know in the past year I have done the Great south Run, a Santa 10k and the Marwell Zoo 10k. And I have already booked another Great South Run, another 10k and the Brighton half marathon. in the next year.

After the London 2012 Olympic games the country seemed to be a buzz with people wanting to get into sport and girls in particular had role models they could look up to - Jessica Ennis-Hill, Laura Trott and Ellie Simmonds. 

However, I still feel there is a bit of a stigma among some girls about taking up sport and one reason I think for this is other girls. 

Now there will be people out there who love sport and have the drive and determination to deliver and do the training, but if these girls are caught off guard at certain points in their training I think they can quickly be turned against the idea.

The reason why I feel other girls can put girls off sport doesn't really come from school as I was never interested in sport education mainly because it was always highly competitive and put me off. With running now I know I am never going to win and the only person I am competing against is myself.

So back to my argument I run quite a bit with my boyfriend but on some occasions when I am either on my own or he has run ahead I have be met with bitchy comments and sniggers from teenage girls who frankly make me worry about the future of women.

When I run I don't like glossy and glamorous, I look sweaty, bright red and a bit out of breath, but does this mean they can make snide comments to me? 

I don't think so and at 27 I know  better than to raise to the bait and simple jog on but it does make me wonder if the need to look perfect all the time puts girls off as either they don't want a hair out of place or are worried what other girls in their class might say. 

It is really sad if this is the case as sport can be fun, and it has taken me many years to finally feel like that. I just hope that any girls reading this who are considering quitting sport for the wrong reasons think again.

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