Monday, 29 October 2012

The Great South Run, Southsea, Portsmouth - Sunday, October 28 2012

Yesterday I ran the Great South Run. The largest ten mile road race in Europe, I was one out of 25,000.

In my training I got up to ten miles so I thought it would be fine, however, I found it really, really difficult. It didn't help I needed the toilet from the start but held it until six miles and ran into the Tenth Hole tea room to use the toilet.

The atmosphere was fantastic among the runners and the crowd, hi-fiving kids who were cheering and clapping. Just really, really good.

However, by mile eight I was finding it really difficult. We were in Eastney and I knew where we ended up at the swimming baths but I couldn't figure out how we got there so I did start to feel a bit disheartened and did wonder if I would finish. But I missed the eight mile mark so it did feel as if it was going forever so I was relived when I got to nine miles.

It was cool running through the dockyard and past the navy boats but there was minimal crowd in there.

The best part was getting round the corner by the Pyramids and seeing the finish line I got my sprint on and pulled away from the boyfriend, but I did it too soon and he soon caught me up.

I think I got quite caught up in the moment to start with as the first five miles I did running between 5.1 and 4.9 miles an hour, far too fast for me. I was doing 11-12 minute miles! Crazy! The eight mile I did in 14 minutes, that was my hardest mile.

It was a great feeling afterwards though knowing I had just completed the Great South Run, at points I was really doubting if I would do it. The crowd support from friends and family was really needed and appreciated.

Doing it for charity also gave me that extra push as I had more of a purpose to do it.

As much as I hurt today it was really worth it and I would recommend it, the buzz was amazing. I feel so proud of myself as in May I couldn't run for five minutes without stopping and yesterday I ran 10 miles in 2 hours and 9 minutes!

Now hopefully I will be doing a 10k Santa fun run!

I ran for mind to donate visit:

To sign up for next years run visit the website:

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