Tuesday, 18 December 2012

10k Santa Run, RNLI, Portsmouth, 16/12/12

After the Great South Run I found it really hard to get back into running. It was almost as if my legs had said 'you've done what you set out to do so we are done'.
Everything felt stiff and hurt, but I wanted to continue running as it is a great way to keep fit and I have lost weight far easily than with any other form of exercise.
So I had signed up to a 10k Santa run for the RNLI in Portsmouth. It was this weekend and it was actually pretty fun.
10K is about 6.2 miles and isn't easy but it was fun. Thousands of Santas running about was a little surreal, but the atmosphere was great. They had the Portsmouth City Band playing Christmas carols and everyone was in a really good mood.

It was quite hard in places though as after 1k you run up to Eastney and then onto the beach, which in Portsmouth is stones...really difficult and impacted by knees when I got back on the tarmac I noticed the difference but I did it.
I ran faster than I had in my training runs, 4.5 to 5.0 miles per hour and I did it in 1 hour 10 which was good for me considering the day before I ate so much rubbish and had cider and a cocktail, also I hadn't run for a week.

There was also a 5k family run which I think would have been more enjoyable, but even doing 10k was good. I just wanted to get round.

However, running in a felt Santa suit is not great. It was so warm and hard to run in so I had to take off the top. The beard went pretty quickly and the hat was tucked into my belt. Other than that it was good.

It was surreal having so many people dressed as Santa, during the warm up it looked like some kind of ritualistic dance. Loads of people came with dogs and it was great seeing families dressed as Santa and getting in the festive spirit.

I'm going to keep the running up and I am looking for my next run - a 10k or half marathon.

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