Sunday, 18 November 2012

Jake Bugg, The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth - 13/11/2012

Jake Bugg is a name that many people may not have heard of but next year he will be the name on everyones lips.

He recently came back from a tour in America with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and has now embarked on his own UK tour. He also played at quite a few festivals over the summer, and you may have also heard his song Lightening Bolt during the Olympics.

Having seen him a few times on TV me and my boyfriend decided to get some tickets as he was coming to Portsmouth.

Jake came on about quarter past ten and played for about an hour maybe a little bit less.

He didn't really interact with the audience just saying the song titles but I can't fault his performance, he is only 18 but he does have a modest stage presence and you can't deny that voice has a unique quality to it.

He is frequently compared to Bob Dylan, and I can see that in his early days. He has quite a country style singing voice and also his lyrics are honest and sometimes a little brutal.

I did feel that most of the people in the audience probably didn't have his album as when he performed songs such as Lightening Bolt, Taste It  and Two Fingers the crowd erupted.

However with his album tracks you could hear people talking in the audience and atmosphere was a bit flat. There is nothing wrong with Jake's performance he could be a front man with swagger when he gains more confidence.

He is touring again next year so if you  get the chance do see him. He has a great voice and has the potential to be a great performer, as you have to remember he is only an 18 year old from Nottingham.

On another note he had two support acts but by far my favourite was singer Findlay who has an old style amazing voice, simply brilliant.

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