Sunday, 24 March 2013

Early Easter chocolate cupcakes

It may be a little early to be making Easter cakes but I'm not sure if I will be making any next week but had an egg and flour that had to be used up so made some cakes.

I used the Hummingbird cupcake book, just a normal chocolate cupcake recipe. I did add chocolate chips but they seemed to drop to the bottom even though I put them in the batter. They didn't burn but they were a little crispy and it annoyed me a bit that it didn't really work.

The icing is just the usual chocolate butter icing, which I seem to have mastered which was good. The recipe said to use 300g of icing sugar but I used 200g as I always have too much and have to bin most of it but that amount worked.

I added mini eggs to the top make them more Eastery.

The cakes were so soft and crumbly really delicious and would be perfect with ice cream.

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