Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Courteeners, Pyramids, Portsmouth, Monday, March 4, 2013


The Courteeners, what can I say.

This was the fifth time I have seen them perform live. The first of which being in 2008 at the University of Southampton  student union we could only stay for 45 minutes due to last train home but it was brilliant and from then on my boyfriend and I were hooked to this band from Middleton, Greater Manchester.

The band's first album St Jude came out in 2007 and I am still gutted to this day that we didn't go to one of their first gigs in the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. I think we have made up for it though having seen them at the Pyramids twice, Bournemouth O2 and in Chester as part of Chester Rocks.

They never disappoint and I think this gig was the best I have ever seen them live. The band, made up of Liam Fray, Michael Campbell, Daniel Moores and Mark Cuppello, seemed more comfortable on stage and you could tell that Liam was feeding off the atmosphere.

I always thought that bands could never really see the audience but I think on this occasion it was Liam who had a front row view. He interacted with people on the front, and looked in amazement at a crowd of lads dancing and moshing in the middle of the floor.

To start with voice his didn't sound as strong as it had done on previous gigs but seemed to warm up pretty quickly. I think he is probably fitter than I've ever seen him, in both senses of the word, as he seems to have lost quite a bit of weight, he looked great.

The band kicked off with Are You in Love with a Notion? From new album Anna, I would say by the crowds reaction to this song and Push Yourself, which they played after, it didn't seem as if many people had the new album. They livened up a bit after the latest single Lose Control, but practically erupted for Cavorting  and Acrylic.

The songs from the first two albums  St Jude and Falcon went down a storm and the room was buzzing.
Liam added at one point that he was worried people would have forgotten about them but seemed to have a strong following in the room.

The thing I love about The Courteeners is that they are still relatively unknown but should be massive. They never really headline festivals but do play a lot of them. I love them and they are one of my favourites.

My favourite song has to be Take Over the World which looked beautiful with two glitter balls casting a ray of stars around the Pyramids. It looked so good and the song was perfect for the mood, the crowd even quietened down a bit.

Surprisingly they didn't play You Overdid it Doll but ended with Not Nineteen Forever and What Took you So Long?

I loved on the set the light at the back of Anna from the album cover, I joked with my boyfriend that I wouldn't mind it when we have a place of our own.

Liam treated the crowd to a little acoustic bit where he played The Rest of the World has Gone Home this didn't really calm the crowd down but really showed off his fantastic vocal ability.

Liam described the gig on Twitter as manic, with chants of Liam whenever there was a quiet moment, we maybe Southerners but we do love these Northerners.

If you have never seen The Courteeners before but you are going to festival where they are playing check them out you really won't be disappointed.

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